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    Meacham is a Southerner who has traveled.  Born in Virginia, the daughter of a Naval Officer, she attended schools in California and Florida, and went to high school in London, England.  She graduated from Florida State University, and later attended the Memphis College of Art.  She met her husband, Bob, while living in Charleston, South Carolina, and they live in Memphis, Tennessee.  She is represented in Memphis by L Ross Gallery.

   Meacham has traveled to China (twice), other places in the Orient, much of Europe, Greece, Egypt, Israel, Mexico, Canada, and many of the United States.   She feels her travels and her love of reading and movies inform her art, as does her life as a Southerner.

    In 2011, she painted all the art work in the Emergency Waiting Room of the new LeBonheur Children's hospital in Memphis, TN.  She was a featured artist that year in the Mississippi Museum of Art, and was reviewed in Art in America.  In 2013, she painted the art for the poster for the RiverArts Festival in Memphis.

   Meacham is a full-time artist.  Her abstract and non-commercial pieces are not featured on this site.  Some further works can be seen by entering her name in a Google search.